PCB Assembly

Spacetronics offers fully automated electronic contract manufacturing, specializing in Surface Mount, Thru-hole, and Final Box Build Assemblies. We provide the latest in world class technology and capabilities to meet and exceed your most demanding project requirements for flex, rigid-flex and rigid printed circuit board assemblies. We provide full turnkey support and management of customer consigned material, servicing the military, aerospace, medical, industrial and commercial industries.

Our people are our most valuable asset. We are a dedicated group of highly skilled certified operators and technicians supported by our trusted engineered processes. We maintain strict quality controls that ensure the highest quality products. Our on-time delivery and customer support are designed to meet all your critical launch requirements.

Spacetronics offers best in class engineering support providing Design for Testability & Manufacturability (DFTM) ensuring your product design will peform as planned and for it’s anticipated life cycle. We also offer surface mount devise (smd) conversions.

Our standard lead times are faster than most and our quick turns are measured in days, typically 5-10 days, depending on technology and time availability. We can offer 24 hr turn on customer supplied kits.

Fully Automated * Surface Mount Technology * Conventional Through-hole Component Technology * BGA * Lead-Free * FLEX CIRCUITS * X-Ray and Microscope Inspection

  • 24 HOUR QUICK TURN AVAILABLE * Prototype or Production * Conformal Coating
  • VALUE ADDED SERVICES: Chassis and Product Assembly * Cable and Harness Assembly * Full Box Builds
  • ENGINEERING SUPPORT: Component Engineering Support * Process Control for High Quality and Repeatability * Design For Testability & Manufacturability (DFTM) * Surface Mount Device (SMD) Conversions
  • REWORK SERVICES: Custom Modifications * Component Replacement * PGA, QFP and Dense Connector Replacemeent * Reballing with X-ray Inspection
  • Counterfeit Parts Prevention (AS5553) * ESD Compliance to ANSI 2020 * Conflict Minerals IAW Frank-Dodd
  • Assembly Inspectors and Manufacturing Operators are Trained and Certified to IPC-A-610 & J-STD-001 class 3