Custom Interconnect Technologies and Manufacturing

Spacetronics’ extensive experience in custom manufacturing and design of quality critical items allows us to provide complete expert solutions for your interconnect needs. We specialize in manufacturing complex wiring harnesses, cable assemblies and interconnect systems as well as engineering support equipment. With in-dept knowledge and manufacturing experience in the Medical, Aerospace, Commercial and Industrial sectors we have dedicated processes and procedures to assure our products are built to function reliably and well into their expected life cycle. From engineering ground support equipment, to quality critical space flight and MIL-Aero support systems we have the expertise to meet your toughest program needs.

Our Full turnkey and integration support capabilities will assure hardware is built, tested, verified, and controlled from the procurement of individual piece components up to Final integration and system level test. We offer build support utilizing customer furnished material kits and supplied design documentation to support your high-volume production or low quantity new product introductory programs.

Spacetronics’ Internal proprietary processes and procedures assures we can meet the toughest workmanship standards for Commercial, MIL-AERO, MIL-Ground support, and Space flight applications.

List of our build certifications:
IPC-WHMA-620S * J-STD-001S * NASA-STD-8739.1S * NASA-STD-8739.4S * NASA-STD-8739.6S

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